Lunchtime Seminars

Monday 30th March 2020: 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Shine Lawyers – Removing the Fear from Medico-Legal Work: Everything you need to know from the report to the Court room

Speaker: Jamie Shine

Room: Meeting Room 108

Overview: Clinicians and treatment providers may feel apprehensive about entering the world of Medico-Legal reporting. This reluctance can stem from grappling with the reporting requirements, or inexperience in the Court room.

In order to overcome such reservations, Shine Lawyers has developed a detailed presentation providing practitioners with insight into the Medico-Legal process – from the structure of the report, through to giving evidence at trial.

The discussion will follow a logical process from receiving a brief, assessing the client and writing a report, through to tips when giving evidence. This will include recommendations regarding the report’s structure, contents and expert opinion. The presentation will be delivered from the perspective of an instructing lawyer to provide practitioners with an understanding of Medico-Legal work. 


Wednesday 1st  April 2020: 12:45pm – 2:00pm

Quanterix – Biomarkers Workshop

Speaker: Scott VanArsdell & Denes Agoston

Room: Meeting Room 108

Overview: Protein and other biochemical markers have revolutionized medicine by enabling increasingly accurate, molecular-level diagnosis, guiding the development of evidence-based treatments and monitoring disease progression. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) has benefitted only modestly from the use of biochemical markers. The lack of specific treatment for TBI is partly due to our limited understanding of the complex and dynamically changing pathobiological processes triggered by the injury but also some currently unsolved technical issues.